Melbourne’s Own Mirror Tents

Leave the ordinary behind and cast yourself into the dazzling other realm held entirely inside the Wonderland Spiegeltent. An injection of entertainment from years gone by, so refined and true to their roots, the enduring magic found dancing throughout our mirror tents are enough to still astonish contemporary crowds.

Within our magic mirror tents, Wonderland Spiegeltent is proud to offer fresh and fantastic performances that provide something for every member of the family. Visit to see death-defying stunts and acrobatics at the circus, belly-aching comedy performances, invigorating music shows and dance nights, unrivalled cabaret and burlesque, and much more! For a full list of our upcoming shows and events, take a look at our What’s On page.

Traditional mirror tents with a modern twist

For one to find themselves immersed in the charmed ambiance of a magic mirror tent has been occurring long before we began touring throughout Melbourne. The word ‘Spiegeltent’ itself is Dutch for ‘mirror tent’, which have acted as travelling dance halls since the 19th century. With many legendary performers regaling audiences from these halls over the years, such as Edith Piaff and Marlene Dietrich, Wonderland Spiegeltent preserves the intimate magic honed by our forebears in our luxurious, historic European setting. The stained glass windows and mirrors surrounding the end of the tents leaves the audience feeling as though they really have been transported from their seats into another world, one filled with daring, passion and excitement.

Hire our magic mirror tent for your next function

In love with our magic mirror tents? Think it would be perfect for your next function or event? Good news: the Wonderland Spiegeltent is also available for hire! Whether you are hosting a wedding, fundraiser, corporate function, birthday party or product launch across Melbourne and beyond, make it that one step more remarkable with a venue from another realm. The mirror tents can hold up to 400 guests, and our staff also offer a fantastic range of catering and additional entertainment options, to help bring everything you loved about our wonderful world to your event.